New Online Backup Solution

It may not be new, but it’s new to me since I last researched these things. When I first sought a backup solution for our home, I settled on Elephant Drive for two reasons: price (it was $4.95/month for unlimited storage) and software compatibility. This last one meant that I could run the software on our server where all of our data is stored, instead of on one of our laptops or desktops which never has anything stored local. The software had to run on Windows Server.

All was well once I had Elephant Drive running. Then, after two years of great service, the hammer fell.

They wanted to raise prices and eliminate the unlimited package. This meant I would have to pay almost $200/month for my near 1TB of data that I was backing up. That was quite a price jump, so I ditched them and have been without back up… until now.

I found a new company called CrashPlan which has great plans, even family backup plans, and a client that works on Windows Server. I’m now back to backing up!

I’ll soon be backed up again in the “cloud”. Soon meaning about a month due to the vast amounts of data that will be going up.

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