Got Rock!

Now, the last of the “big” installs is done. And I mean BIG. They brought up through our crooked staircase a granite slab large enough to crush several men if it fell while they were moving it. All of our counters are seamless sections now. We’re very happy with our fabricators.

The stone is called Yellow River and is very nice with lots of “movement” and a variety of color tones.

Here’s a few wide pictures.





I have a few close-ups of some of the details:

305-1008 305-1009

And finally, our spiffy new faucet [which I installed myself!]:



Now, we just need running water…

2 thoughts on “Got Rock!”

  1. Awesome. I”m impressed with the fact that there are no seams. I”m sure the colors are fantastic but I”m not the one to comment on that. This looks like you will have very good access to the kitchen with this island arrangement.


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