Almost There – We Have Cabinets!

After a long day of very skilled work, the installers have completed the main phase of the cabinet install. They have to leave a few things undone for the electricians to finish and the plumber to attach things, but for the most part, they’re done!

Tomorrow is major electrical work and hopefully granite templating followed by the inspection for electrical. Once that’s done, the finishing can be done on the island and the sheetrock can be closed up.

So, you asked for them and here they are: some pictures!

First, the upper cabinets were assembled as a unit.


Then, they were lifted on top of the mounting board that was temporarily attached to the wall to keep them level. You can see how many people it took – I’m glad I didn’t try to do it myself!


Here’s the cabinets without doors:


And now, the “final” shots [well, final for the day at least]:





No, we don’t have the dishwasher installed since the electrical and plumbing on the island aren’t done yet. That starts tomorrow.

Well, I love the new layout and it was exhausting just watching these guys work.

3 thoughts on “Almost There – We Have Cabinets!”

    1. It”s one we”re rennovating. We”re living without a kitchen right now, except for a mini fridge and microwave upstairs.


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