Step Four: Key West? Not.

On the last stop of our journey, we were to stop in Key West for a day of shopping and touring, which I was looking forward to. The coffee on the boat was substandard and I wanted to pick up some good coffee on land. We also wanted to wander the streets and possibly go shopping.

This turned out not to be the case.

When we pulled into dock, it started raining. And not just a little drizzle, but a full-on Gulf rainstorm. We attempted to leave the boat three times but were diverted or blocked each time.

We found out later that the people who made it off the boat ended up wandering in town in knee-high water in what was probably a 100-year flood.

It seems we didn’t miss much. Well, except Key West. Argh.

We then proceeded to head back to Galveston [joy] at full throttle.

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