Vonage Foibles

For the last 4 years or so, just after we moved to Virginia, we got Vonage as our home phone. We replaced the Verizon line once we got reliable high speed Internet at the house.

However, over the last month or so, we’ve been unable to see our caller ID due to the “check phone line” being displayed on our handsets. This is very annoying. I mean: how can we avoid talking to you if we don’t know it’s you that’s calling? Seriously!

When we originally got Vonage, I got two phone lines and that mean two adapters. Now, you can do two lines through one adapter, but for some reason, they had me buy two adapters. I found out I really didn’t need that second phone line for fax, that I could just use the number they gave me at work, so I cancelled the second line. Still had the box though.

Since the “check phone line” is annoying and the phone wouldn’t even tell us when we had voicemail, I thought I’d see if the old Motorola box was bad. I put the rarely used Linksys box on the network, did a “move line” from the Vonage web page to the new (old) Linksys box, and Voila! Phones are now working as desired.

Motorola box is now on its way to a landfill.

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