Boxing Day

I don’t really know that that holiday is, but the name seems fairly appropriate. Well, more like “un-boxing” day. We’re now living in the midst of many, many boxes. We’ve made some significant progress, though. The master is fully unpacked except for some closet rearranging and the books are even alphabetized: something we never even got around to at the last house. The guest room is done, too – we had to have a place where the parents could sleep.

Our next big project is the main living floor – kitchen, living room, dining room. This seems to be the most difficult of spaces to fit everything in. After that, I hope to knock out the office area. This is not to say that we haven’t done some there already. We have. It’s just more of a focus area for us in the living area.

I suppose we’ll be done unpacking in a month or so. That would be MUCH faster than the last time, and even faster than the time before. We’re getting too good at this. I hope to settle here for a little bit and not move.

I hate moving.

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