Long Time No Blog

I’ve been slacking off. It’s just that simple.

I do have some excuses… Wanna hear ’em? The server’s been broke and I’ve been working to fix it so I had no time to blog… Work’s been kinda busy, so I’ve had no time to blog… We’re moving to a new house soon, so I’ve had no time to blog…

These are all true, but if I’d really wanted to or had something to say, I probably would have made time. There’s just no excuse that’s good enough.

However, after fighting a long, arduous battle with my server, it’s now up and running very well. It’s rock solid and the environment is all mostly virtualized [5 computers out of 8 are virtual] and faster than it was before. There will be some down time, though. When I go home tonight I have to move the server back into the closet where it lives.

And then, there’s the “data center move”. We bought a new house and will be moving in a couple of weeks. There will be some down time for that. Not much I hope, since there will be a week’s worth of overlap in my Internet service.

We’re really excited about the new house – we won’t have to be at the whim of the landlords and can chose when we move next.

Maybe, I’ll have some more time to blog after the hecticness of the next few weeks passes…

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