A Glutton For Punishment

2012-01-08 23:30:26

I’m back out in Redmond today [actually, I flew out late Thursday night] so that I could re-take the certification test for the first half of the Directory Ranger program [which, I believe is going to be called “Microsoft Certified Master: Windows Server 2008 Advanced Infrastructure” or some such onerous title]. I think I passed it this time. Last time, I missed a certain topic because I was sick for the first half of the first week.

But, I didn’t just fly out for the test. I came EARLY for the test. I came out because I’m going to sit in the same room with mostly the same people and go through the second half of the program, which I’m told will be the Directory-specific portion of the program. I’m really looking forward to that.

So now I’m tired: tired of being in this room for 12 hours; tired of smelling whatever that smell is; and tired of looking at this screen. I’m just tired, too. I’m going now. I’ll be going back to the hotel and then to get some food.

And sleep… Especially sleep.

I miss Laura, too. 😦

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