The Bike Is Back

After a long hiatus without my two-wheeled companion, it is now back at home in its proper place. As you may or may not know, the VFR800 was under recall for an electrical problem. Once I hit the 24,000 mile mark, I called the shop and verified that they had the part in and scheduled a drop. This was mid-December.

Of course, if the only thing wrong were the recalled part, all would have been well. It was not. Not only was the sub-harness bad, but the WHOLE harness was melted in places to the frame. No wonder I couldn’t keep a batter even a year without it going out. Anyway, in order to replace the whole harness they had to order one from Honda… which took about a month to come in. The bike was in pieces in the shop the whole time.

At least they did a valve job on it while they were waiting. It rides nicer now. At least, I think it does. It’s been so long that I may be mistaken. I’ll take it, though.

Just my luck, though – had great weather this week… until I got the bike back. It’s supposed to rain on Monday. 😦

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