Wedding Day

After much preparation and stress, today we will embark on the begining of our true professional career in the photographic world. We will be photographing a wedding, having planned from the beginning and today we execute the shoot. This is the fun part, as well as seeing what we took and finding some great pictures in the pile.

The few weddings we’ve done so far have been pro bono, or as sub-contractors. This time, though, it’s us from start to finish. It’s a little stressful, knowing that our clients’ memories are in our hands. We hope and expect to capture the best we can.

We were concerned about the weather at first [since it has been unseasonally cold and snow and ice are still on the ground], but it seems that we have been given a small break. It’s now sunny outside and more mild than yesterday. It’s above freezing, so we are seeing some melting, too.

All told, even with the stress building up to the event, I think today will go wonderfully.

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