More Photo Backlog

Having finally found the “correct” camera calibration, I’ve now reimported my entire library back into Lightroom and have begun processing again. I’ve now posted some of the remaining pictures from Curaçao which have been waiting since last year. Maybe, by the time it’s time to leave for this year’s dive trip, I’ll have last year’s pictures posted. I have one more directory to finish, and I’m goinig to try to do it in the next hour or so. Those will be the pictures of the town of Willemstad, which is quite colorful.

Now that I feel I’m not fighting Lightroom, maybe I can process the remaining 3000 pictures sitting in my “working” documents.

3 thoughts on “More Photo Backlog”

  1. hi jeff, thanks for your blog, i have a canon G9 and will like to know the correct camera calibration for it, can you help me, thanks very much


  2. Sure – the calibrations for all my cameras are:

    Red Hue 41
    Red Sat 40
    Grn Hue 0
    Grn Sat 0
    Blu Hue -7
    Blu Sat 4
    Red Hue -21
    Red Sat 30
    Grn Hue -14
    Grn Sat -12
    Blu Hue 0
    Blu Sat 4
    Red Hue -10
    Red Sat 28
    Grn Hue -5
    Grn Sat -19
    Blu Hue 0
    Blu Sat 0

    Just remember that these settings work for my cameras, my displays, and my preferences all of which may or may not match yours.


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