Underwater Photography, Third Try

With the upcoming arrival of the new camera, we will begin our next attempt at underwater photography. We have tried this multiple times with two different cameras so far, but with one setup: a pocket digital camera and an underwater housing. We have not yet tried it with a strobe.

So – it could be that we didn’t give the poor little S80 a real chance to shine, so to speak. In that vein, I’m glad we’ve ordered the G9 since it is usually handy to have a pocket camera instead of just the big, honkin’ DSLRs. I’ve ordered a housing and strobe setup by Ikelite specifically for this camera. The strobe will be delivered tomorrow, but the case is on backorder. I HOPE it will be here in time for our departure. I have no guarantees, but they say it will be shipped to the distributors on October 17th, who will then ship it to us. We leave on November 14th, so I hope that the case gets here well before that.

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