Another Wedding Under Our Belt

This weekend, we did another wedding. This time, we were the “only” photographers [there were a lot of family and friends with their own cameras]. We had very little time to prepare as we were only asked to do it a few days in advance and didn’t even have a chance to discuss what was desired with the bride or groom. We only were able to talk to the photographer who referred us to the job, and he didn’t have too many ideas about what they actually wanted either.

So, we had to make do and improvise and I only hope that we met with their expectations.

Every time we do this, I am continually amazed at how much I enjoy it. It’s tiring and stressful, but I come away from the event with a sense of wonder and satisfaction. I never thought that this would be the direction I would go. I thought that I would spend my photographic career taking beautiful landscapes or close-up pictures of bugs and flowers. But it seems that people in celebration are pleasing to photograph. Especially when you can sneak up on them and take a picture without them noticing!

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