Lights, Camera…

We’ve already got the cameras, now all we need is some light.

We’ve ordered some new studio lighting for our photography business. We saw these lights demoed by Scott Kelby at a recent seminar about Adobe Lightroom [which was very informative, I must say]. The lights are unlike most studio lights in the sense that they are “always on” and not strobes. This new method of lighting is easier on the photographer and model alike – no squinting in the dark. Of course, this has its disadvantages as well, I’m sure.  I suspect we’ll eventually find out all the limitations.

The good thing about the system, though, is that I can put strobes in as well so it’s very flexible. I ordered the set with two light boxes, stands, flourescent bulbs and their cases. I could have ordered tungsten-halogen or strobe for flashing, but I chose the flourescent since they replicate the color of natural light much better. I will likely expand my collection of bulbs to include the others for specialties – but only once the income picks up.

This is actually a stretch for me as I tend to enjoy the outdoor or candid type shot. These kind of shots will be neither and that will take some getting used to.

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