Fred Runs For President

I know I’m a little bit late on this “breaking news”, but Fred Thompson has now officially declared his candidacy after what has to be the longest pre-campaign spin up ever. If you’re interested in a quick overview of some of his views, has an interesing article. Here is an excerpt:

He recently poked fun at growing worries about climate change, noting that temperatures on uninhabited planets also have been found to be rising. “This has led some people to wonder if Mars and Jupiter… are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists who run their air conditioning at 60 degrees and refuse to recycle,” he wrote.

That’s funny!

2 thoughts on “Fred Runs For President”

  1. Jeff –

    Why all the excitement with Fred in the Religous Conservative camp? He worked with McCain to create the McCain-Fiengold Act (millions of conservatives hate McCain for this), he is soft of immigration, he as a Senator voted not to impeach Clinton, and has been a states-righter on abortion and other social issues.

    I will most likely vote for him in the General Election if he is the candidate but I have a hard time seeing him as better than McCain.


  2. I”m not certain. Maybe because he”s a celebrity with a better stage presence. McCain seems so passive and weak sometimes. It”s possible that the excitment comes from the fact that the choices are so limited – if one looks a the list for those who are “electable”.

    There are probably some better choices, but those sadly could not compete against a Democratic contenter nearly as well.

    It”s also possible that his views are evolving like many other candidates. He”s started up some very conservative rhetoric these days – possibly courting the Religious Conservative camp.


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