Need More Stuff

The new house is great – except for a few things. The key “issue” being a definite lack of storage space. Our previous landlords left about 6 pieces of furniture for us to use while they were out of the country, and most of those were storage-related. So now, we will head off to IKEA to see what we can find to fill the storage gap.

We have some nice, new “fancy” furniture coming next month, so we’ll have a real formal living area, but now we need some real storage. I have nowhere to put my motorcycle gear – it’s all over the floor right now. We also have no place to store our china or several other kitchen items. Those are the two things we’ll be looking for. I already know one piece we’re going to get – and that’s the MARKÖR Sideboard which was one of the pieces we were borrowing at our last house. And we’ll also be looking for a wardrobe to put the basement gear in.

I’ll let you know how it turns out…

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