It’s Been A Busy Week…

But at least I’m feeling better now. I was somewhat sick all week long, but I still went to work since I felt I couldn’t leave the customer at such a critical time. So, I toughed it out and worked a full week – even some overtime. Now that I’m feeling better, there’s more work around the house that Laura and I will do today. We’re going to reorganize the pantry and maybe even organize the physical CD media in categories into some fancy storage boxes. I say physical media since most of our collection has been digitized and put on our server. I suppose that means that I should buy a media player for the stereo/TV system.

We also have ordered some new furniture to fill out a sitting room off the kitchen. It’s really the first whole room that Laura and I have done together, and once the stuff arrives at the end of the month, I think she’ll be very pleased.

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