Security Certification Test

One reason I’m taking this class in Spokane is that I want to complete my MCSE:Security certification. I also want a better grasp of how to implement security in a Microsoft environment.

So far, the training is pretty good and filling in some gaps I have in my experience. In fact, I will likely be implementing some security changes in my home lab to increase security and enhance my learning and experience.

Soon, I will be taking the test. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Security Certification Test”

  1. Nope. Don”t believe in luck.
    But I wish you a sound mind and
    quick recall to all the answers.
    Remember “James” says if you
    lack wisdom, ask of God, who gives
    to all generously and without reproach
    and it will be given to him as long as it has
    been asked in Faith. You got lots of that.
    You”ll do just fine. An A+ is a sure thing.
    Love ya. mom #2


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