For The Greater Good?

Sometimes, bad things happen and good comes of it. Take for instance our banking situation. For several years, we have been using BMW Bank as our primary bank – great interest, no fees, even good service. However, they are closing up shop. I guess having a customer base of less that 2,000 wasn’t good for business. So – off to find a new bank.

Enter ING. ING is a Dutch bank that has expanded into many other countries and now the US. They used to only provide savings accounts [I looked into them just last year] but have recently branched into checking. Now, they provide great online banking at EXCELLENT interest rates. So, we’ve converted. After the last few scheduled transactions go through, we’ll close up shop and finish the move to ING. And, yes, that means that I’m finally going to use online banking – forget those paper checks!

Now if our local bank Wachovia can be convinced to not charge us any fees for downloading transactions to Quicken like they have threatened, we’d be good.

2 thoughts on “For The Greater Good?”

  1. Jeff,

    I have been using ING Direct since 2000. One warning..with Orange Checking it takes a week to get a paper check to someone who cannot accept an e-payment. I am keeping Wachovia for this very reason.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up. Though, I think that all online banking places are about the same. I usually pay my bills when they come in, so that won”t be a problem. And, I have the regular ones scheduled now.


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