Computer Configuration-fest

While waiting for my new power supply for the server, I’m working on Laura’s computer to get it up to spec. Now: when we took it out of the box, it had Windows Vista Home Premium, which lacked certain key features that we want. So we upgraded to Vista Ultimate. After a couple of days, we noticed that Laura couldn’t run the Roxio Creater Premier that we paid for, so I called tech support. Needless to say after much convolutions, confusions, and calls, we have had to revert the system to its original state. I’ve now done so and gotten the programs to run as expected.

The big test will be after the upgrade to Ultimate is complete – we’ll see if it changes the registration of the Roxio software somehow. Other than that difficulty, this machine is rather nice. Very quick, in fact. It’s now the fastest machine in the house [not the most powerful – that’s the flaky server, but the fastest].

My poor, little desktop is not likely to be upgraded for some time, but all I use it for is email and Quicken these days. I do my major photo editing on my laptop – which is very fast, too!

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