Server Down and Snow Gone

Some of you may have noticed the server and my other hosted sites were down all day yesterday. I apologize, but now at least I know what the problem was. My RAID card is flaky. There’s no other way around it. I need to replace it. We’ll have to see how it goes, and I’ll have to figure out how I want to do things.

In other news, the snow that has been piled up for so long has now mostly melted away. Except for the brisk temperature today, we look like we’re slowly on our way to Spring. The flowers are even blooming now… well, the early ones are anyway. It may freeze again, but that will be on the way to a more long-lasting warmth.

2 thoughts on “Server Down and Snow Gone”

  1. Why don”t you just pay the $9 a month and have this site hosted somewhere? Sounds like running htis server is more hassle than it”s worth, not to mention the electric cost to run it and the time you have to spend messing with it.



  2. ”Cause it wouldn”t be $9/month and it”s not the web server – that”s separate. It”s my email box/DNS server that keeps crashing, which is also my local file share. Not to mention that my sites take up over 100GB. Someone would charge a lot for that.

    Besides – I enjoy a challenge. Don”t let my “complaints” fool you!


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