Home Network Fiddling: Complete?

2012-01-08 23:29:55

For a while anyway. Today, I spent quite a bit of time learning about how ISA server works and configuring it to provide people with the various web sites that come out of my house. It took some doing, but I think everything is working. I had to re-install it because my multi-segmented home network plans didn’t work out – I couldn’t get the routing quite right. I’ll have to do that on a different box – one that’s not the firewall.

Now that is complete as well a an upgrade to a second UPS battery backup. Now that I have two, I can have my systems and home network [as well as phone since I do VoIP] up for about 20 minutes during a power outage. I had everything on one and that would have given me less than 10. I eventually want one UPS per computer, but I like what I have now and it will last me for a while.

So – I’m not going to fool with it anymore this week. All I’ll be doing is working with what I have on some virtual machine projects for work and hoping that I’ve found the problem with my main server – the old CPU. If it’s bad, I hope there’s a warranty!

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