Happy Thanksgiving from Curaçao

Laura and I have “finished” our scheduled dives in our package, but I think I’ll be headed to the shore for another this morning. We were able to sleep a little later than ususal this morning and I’m feeling well-rested.

I’ve been having trouble with the camera [the Canon S80] working as I had intended. It has trouble focusing – or I have trouble getting it to stay in focus while drifing around underwater. We have a few pictures, but not as many as I would like. I realize now that if I intend to get serious about underwater photography, I will have to go with an underwater SLR housing and strobe kit – to the tune of many thousands of dollars. Maybe that will have to wait. The least that I’ll have to do to get things to where I want them is get a large external srobe for the S80. That will help things a little, but not too terribly much. I’ll just have to buy with “upgrade” capabilities in mind, so that if I get a housing for one of the digital SLRs, I can use the strobe on it and not have to buy a new one. Looks like I’ll be saving for a couple more years…

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