Impending Diving

Soon, Laura and I will embark on the fifth sort-of-annual Thanksgiving day dive trip known to the world as Dive Turkey V. This year’s festivities will take place on the island of Curaçao. We had hoped that this year’s trip would include a broad range of friends and associates, but the attendance of this monuments event has dropped down to just two: Laura and I. This will be the last of the Dive Turkey events we take the onus to plan.

We have made our preparations and checked out our gear [in a swimming pool no less] and we have some new additions. First and foremost, we upgraded our previous underwater-capable camera from a 2mpx Canon A20 to a spiffy new 8mpx Canon S80. Now, we have two cameras [with underwater cases] that we can take down. That makes for a good backup. Second and … well, for me it is a tie on which is cooler… I got a new BC – a DiveRite TransPac harness with a RecWing bladder and other various and sundry accessories. This is a much more capable BC that will allow me to float in a different orientation than my previous one [and it won’t squeeze my chest when inflated]. I’m hoping it will be better for photography. It will certainly be better when I do more technical diving, such as caving [which is a long way off, probably] since I would only need to buy a few parts to make it capable of such things. Maybe I need to make another trip to that pool and check it out…

Laura has also had an upgrade with the purchase of a new dive travel bag. She can now spread out her gear into her own bag [which will ease the problem of weight restrictions that may occur on some trips – we had been sharing a single dive bag].

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