Server Un-fix?

I thought it was fixed… Until it rebooted itself 3 times in one day. It lasted longer than it has before, but that may be because of the fact that I did a clean shutdown before flashing and upgrading the drivers.

So – my new hardware pieces have arrived: the AMD Operton 270 and 2GB more memory. Since the server is still acting strange, I’m going to do a process of elimination on the parts I have double of: RAM and CPU. So, Friday I replaced the RAM. If the server reboots itself, it is not the RAM. If it does not reboot for 7 days, I will get replacement RAM for that 2GB stick, and put the second CPU in. If it’s not the RAM, it may be the CPU. I will then put the additional RAM back in [increasing it to 4GB] and swap the old CPU with the new one. If this fails to crash, I will get a warranty replacement CPU. If it still crashes… I will have to figure something else out.

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