In Transit

2012-01-08 23:29:46

Now I’ve went and done it. I’ve gotten myself on a trip and I haven’t done this in quite some time. I’m going to Germany to learn some more about technology and eat some bratwurst. Well, truthfully, the company didn’t send me to eat bratwurst, but I added that to my list of things “to do”.

So, here I sit in the World Club [Northwest’s version of an airline club that I have access to through their alliance with Continental] on the free WiFi waiting for my first leg of the flight. I have learned two great pieces of news at the ticket counter:

  1. There is now an “elite” security line here at Dulles, which is awesome for frequent travellers – one of which I might not be after the turn of the year when my status expires…
  2. There is now a shuttle between the C and A terminals in Newark – this TOTALLY ROCKS! Previously when connecting through Newark, one had to leave terminal A [where flights from here and a few other cities arrive], exit the secured area and ride a train to terminal C and go back through security again. Now, I won’t have to do that. Most excellent.

The first leg of this flight will be the short hop to Newark, followed by a little layover, and then a long trip to Frankfurt. Let’s hope I figure out how to get to my hotel when I get there!

I’ll let you know how the trip goes.

New Laptop

One of my work laptops died this week – so they’re going to get me a replacement. The replacement will make my current laptop my “secondary” machine. It will be a dual-core 64 bit system [Intel Core 2 Duo] with 4GB of RAM [which is unheard of in a laptop until the last couple of months] – and I’ll be trying a Dell instead of a Toshiba.

I hope my battery doesn’t explode in flames…

Off The Road Again

After many hours of riding around this morning, I’m back home now and relaxing. I have realized yet again how hard long distance riding is. My rear quarters were positively numb after the duration of the ride I went through today. I did quite enjoy it even so. The weather was perfect – high 60s to low 70s with good cloud cover. We even found some nice windey roads through the forested mountains.

Day Ride

Tomorrow, one group of motorcycle riders from one of my customers is going to head out for a ride in the hinterlands of Virginia [not quite the ‘wilds’, I know, but as close as you get here] and I have been invited. This will be my first such group ride. We meet in Haymarket, VA at 8:30am and head out from there. I have never been to Haymarket, although Laura and I drove by on our way into town to begin our Virginia citizenship…

I’ll be bringing my camera in case I come across any place to take cool pictures. Of course, I don’t really know where we’re going or if there will be anything to take pictures of, but that’s okay. It’s all about the adventure, right?


What happened to Summer? Today, I rode up to work and it was 51 degrees outside [and raining, which makes it colder]. 51? It’s still supposed to be Summer, isn’t it? Not today – looks like we’re heading into Winter early – so much for Global Warming… We’re on to Global Cooling.