New Laptop

One of my work laptops died this week – so they’re going to get me a replacement. The replacement will make my current laptop my “secondary” machine. It will be a dual-core 64 bit system [Intel Core 2 Duo] with 4GB of RAM [which is unheard of in a laptop until the last couple of months] – and I’ll be trying a Dell instead of a Toshiba.

I hope my battery doesn’t explode in flames…

3 thoughts on “New Laptop”

  1. Those new Latitude Dx20s seem like super machines, hope you enjoy it. They”re the first Dell biz laptops that I wouldn”t mind replacing my ThinkPad.


  2. As you are likely aware, ThinkPad has not been on the “preferred” list for quite some time… wonder why… 😉 So, I had to “make due”… 😀


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