2012-01-08 23:29:46

I’ve arrived in Bad Homburg [a suburb of Frankfurt] safely, if a little later than I thought. I found the city just fine, but finding the hotel was something else. I was unable to find the right street and ended up driving around the town for over an hour before I found a “familliar” place – one where I knew the streets – and called the hotel. They were kind enough to give me directions and now, I’m here.

My rental car is A Mercedes – but not what you might think. It’s a model we don’t have in the US: the A series. It’s like a mini-mini-van. Very small box on wheels. I did, however, get seat 1A on the flight over, due to the oversold nature of the flight. They had too many people in coach and a seat or two open in First – so I was chosen [I feel special] to fill in the gap while vacating a coach seat for one less fortunate, but still grateful for a seat. If I had known I was going to be upgraded, I likely wouldn’t have eaten dinner in the terminal.

For now, though, it’s only 1pm and I have to make it until at least dark or jet lag will kill me. I only slept a few hours on the plane, but let’s hope its enough to keep me going. And now: I’m off to some castle ruins to take some pictures…

2 thoughts on “Arrival”

  1. A class. Cool. That was what they tried to give us when we were over for Paul”s wedding. Perfectly acceptable transportation for one or two people, and pretty easy to park. But not nearly big enough for the three of us plus a week”s worth of luggage.


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