2012-01-08 23:29:46

I’m in Newark, NJ now – enjoying the fruits of my youthful extravagance [for those that don’t know, when I was younger with more money than sense, I purchased a lifetime membership to the Continental President’s Club for scads of money – I’m somewhat glad I did it then, since I haven’t been able to blow nearly so much money ever since…] in the new President’s Club. I have about 3 hours to kill, most of which I’ll do here, but for some of which I’ll find me a nice restaurant to patronize… one with steak, maybe…

The shuttle between terminals was a God-send. Spartan, to be sure – one has to descend a flight of stairs to the outside right next to the planes and then stand up on a bouncy bus, but even so: I was very glad to avoid the inconvenience of yet another security screen. It reminds me of IAH before there was a tram built in the secured section of the airport – where you either had to exit security and ride the rickety underground tram [I have many memories of this], or there was a shuttle bus. This is very like that old bus, for those of you who have ridden it in the past.

Obviously, other than my airport-hopping, nothing is happening, but I’ll still keep you posted. Oh – and of course, on this tirp, I get to add a new airport to my list of airports visited: Frankfurt (FRA).

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