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After realizing that my “junked” trackbacks were in the order of 40,000 or so, I thought that maybe my site might be slow for a reason. So, I have completely disabled trackbacks and am in the process of purging them from the site. I may even move to using a “real” database instead of the BerkeleyDB like MySQL. Too bad none of these blogging engines allow me to use the MSDE or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – I can get those for free, you know.

And, if I go with a database like MySQL, I might as well migrate to WordPress…

One thought on “Trackback SPAM”

  1. MySQL is not without its detractors, and as a Sybase and then MS SQL Server DBA of over twelve years, I’m certainly influenced by the “MySQL isn’t a REAL RDMS” camp. However, I’m too much of a utilitarian for that to keep me from using it to run most of my private world. Would I trust a mission-critical app that had money behind it to MySQL? Probably not. But I’ve found it to be good enough, even though I have to remember that it doesn’t use Transcact-SQL (something I’d have to remember if I used Postgres or even Oracle as well).

    If you’re willing to live with MySQL on your server, I would definitely recommend looking at WordPress. Trackback and pingback spam is dealt with through the same engines as comment spam. There are two main ways to go (the default Askimet or Spam Karma2 for those who prefer it –like me) and they both do a banner job of catching the nasties.


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