Back On The Bike

Today, I’m back on my bike after it went through an expensive service interval. It normally isn’t expensive to service the bike, but my back tire was almost bald and my chain was so stretched out, that it could be just lifted off the sprockett. Well – glad I told them to change it. While the bike was there, they also changed the back brake pads, so we have severely depleated our “emergency fund”, which is supposed to eventually hold 3-6 months of living expenses. Of course, we had just started it, so we didn’t have much in it.

I will say that it is good to have the bike back in prime shape. There were vibrations caused by the stretched out chain which made riding uncomfortable. The bike feels tight and comfortable. My main concern now is to be careful not to stretch out the chain again. That wil cost me too much in replacement costs.

Now, the journey continues past 16,500 miles [which is quite a lot of miles for a bike – not really, but most idiots buy a bike and keep it for years while putting only 5000 miles on. Not me! I intend to go past 40,000 miles, maybe even 60,000…].

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