The Great Outdoors

It’s days like today that make me very glad I moved to Virginia. I can actually sit out on the back porch [which is where I am typing this from] and not die of heat stroke like I would have in Houston where it is in the 90s right now. Today here in Reston, it’s 72 and partly cloudy [or mostly sunny depending on how you look at it].

So – as I sit out here and type and watch Laura work in the yard, I’m really enjoying myself. I am so thankful for these kinds of days.

… and of course I get to take some pictures of flowers while I’m out there…

3 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors”

  1. While I’ll give you that it’s more pleasant where you are, if you were stil here you’d be enjoying the heat and humidity and mosquitos just like you used to. 😉


  2. there’s plenty of mosquitos to spare down here in tampa… if they ever visited any of us, we’d be happy to share…


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