Car Go Boom

Ever have one of those days? Yes, I’m sure you have. Today is one for us. It started out okay – until we actually got in the car to take my parents [they’re visiting here] down into DC to sight see. About one mile from the house, the car exploded. Not in fire, but in antifreeze. We began to inhale vast quantities of antifreeze steam through the car’s ventilation system. Something has broken in the cooling system and it’s not any of the hoses that we can see. It looks more like a water pump or seal – that’s going to be expensive. So expensive, in fact, that we might just have to ditch the car and buy a new one this week. So much for “European Delivery”.

In a lighter vein, we have rented a pair of Harleys to ride around the area. Only, now, we’ll be riding to our closest dealer to test drive some cars…

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