Finally Settling In?

It looks like we’ll actually be getting local cell phone numbers now. I’ve resisted the change, but there have been too many confusions with locals changing the “1” to a “0” [the area code where I have my number is presently 713, whereas I live now in the 703 area code]. There are also some annoying things that happen when I’m “away” from my “home” area code too long – like the strange dissaperance of my voicemail capabilites, or the massive signal loss from the Katrina era [“No, I wasn’t hit by the hurricane, but my number is in an affected area…”]

They tell me I’ll get better service once I switch, but I’m not sure I believe them. One thing I do know, though, is that I will most likely pay less in mobile taxes than I did with a Houston number. This would be most heartening.

Laura or I will be sending out a note to those who should have our new numbers when we get them switched over.

2 thoughts on “Finally Settling In?”

  1. I checked out your link and I was right! In Texas, the taxes were at 19.67%, while here in Virginia, I’ll now pay 13.23%. Not a huge discount, but certainly sizable.


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