This Is The Day

There is dancing in the streets.

At least, in my street. Today was the day that The Debt went away.

It has been over six years of struggling, with both patience and impatience. But: now, we are debt free. No credit card debt – we have paid off the last one. We will be keeping two cards in a file cabinet, but the one which we just paid off will be cancelled and cut up once the payment clears.

Those who deserve thanks for helping me accomplish this task are: God most of all for his patience with me and his provision in my life, Laura for her willingness to work through the debt with me that I incurred, my parents for their wise council, and my grandmother for providing the final push over the edge.

So, even if you don’t know me well, you still should celebrate that one more person is free of the slavery of debt.

Go dance in your street.

3 thoughts on “This Is The Day”

  1. Rejoice always. There is nothing like freedom, and you certainly understand a new meaning of financial freedom. I am celebrating with you and know this is huge. Thank you for including me in the party.

    Yours in Christ

    Ron Smith


  2. I read about your milestone, albeit a few weeks late. But hey, back in 2000, when it looked impossible to pay it off. Congrats and stay out of trouble!


  3. Staying out of trouble seems hard, but that’s our goal now: no more credit spending. Being in debt has taught me a lot about not giving in to “instant gratification” desires. At least, I hope it has!


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