The Storm Cometh

Last night, the snows never came. They had said that it would be snowing heavliy by midnight, but they were wrong. It waited 12 hours. Now, they’re saying that it will snow even longer than they thought bringing us maybe 12″ of snow. It has been snowing since 1pm EST and hasn’t stopped. It’s coming down pretty heavilly, too. And of course, there are the idiots here who think that because of a little snow, the world is going to end and they must make a last-ditch mad rush to the grocery store to buy any food that they think they’ll lack in the dreadful few hours in which they might not be able to leave their homes.

Okay – I’m being a little sarcastic, but I’m not kidding. These people here PANIC when it snows. Even when it snows just a little, there are shortages at the grocery stores. What’s poor Texas boy to do when those who have lived with snow all their lives run in a state of insanity when a few flakes fall from the sky? Well, laugh at them, I suppose!

New Gallery Software

I’ve just updated my photo gallery software to the newest version for security purposes. I don’t think you’ll notice anything, but if you do, please let me know. And, no, I didn’t go to the 2.x version. I went to the latest release of 1.x which is 1.5.2-pl2.

Of course, I’m just putting this up here because my sister tells me I don’t post enough anymore. I guess that staying home and not travelling has taken a toll on my web verbosity…

Thanks, Mandy!

Cold Fingers

Some days, I just don’t feel like riding. Like today, for example. Today, I didn’t want to suit up when I knew that it wouldn’t get above freezing where I’m working. Something about that just sends shivers down my spine today. So I stole the car.

Maybe that’s becasue I don’t have heated hand grips. Or, maybe it’s because yesterday, Laura gave me some hand warmers – you know: the kind you put in your gloves for skiing? Well, they worked… for about 10 minutes. Then, they died. So – I was forced to ride in sub-30 degree wind at freeway speeds [making a wind chill of who knows what… UPDATE: I just did the math. The wind chill for an average wind speed of 70mph and average temperature of 25 degrees is -14. Ow.] with quickly depleated hand warming inserts. Now: these are supposed to be good for 7 hours or so. But, Laura told me these were old and she said she wasn’t sure how well they’d work. I can’t blame her, she warned me.

I blame the warmers. They failed.

So, after that ride of frost both ways yesterday, I really did not feel like braving the wind chill today. Tomorrow, I might try again – after all: Laura just bought me a new batch of hand warmers. Maybe these won’t quit on me so soon…