Cold Fingers

Some days, I just don’t feel like riding. Like today, for example. Today, I didn’t want to suit up when I knew that it wouldn’t get above freezing where I’m working. Something about that just sends shivers down my spine today. So I stole the car.

Maybe that’s becasue I don’t have heated hand grips. Or, maybe it’s because yesterday, Laura gave me some hand warmers – you know: the kind you put in your gloves for skiing? Well, they worked… for about 10 minutes. Then, they died. So – I was forced to ride in sub-30 degree wind at freeway speeds [making a wind chill of who knows what… UPDATE: I just did the math. The wind chill for an average wind speed of 70mph and average temperature of 25 degrees is -14. Ow.] with quickly depleated hand warming inserts. Now: these are supposed to be good for 7 hours or so. But, Laura told me these were old and she said she wasn’t sure how well they’d work. I can’t blame her, she warned me.

I blame the warmers. They failed.

So, after that ride of frost both ways yesterday, I really did not feel like braving the wind chill today. Tomorrow, I might try again – after all: Laura just bought me a new batch of hand warmers. Maybe these won’t quit on me so soon…

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