New Phone… Soon… Maybe…

I have been ever-not-so-patiently waiting on Cingular to put out their new WIndows Mobile 5 smartphone self-labeled as the Cingular 8100 [which is the non-camera variant of the 8125 and is a rebranded HTC Wizard]. First rumors put the release date at mid November… which has come and gone. Then, it was “end of December”. Again: come and gone. Same thing with the next rumored release date of Janurary 20th [or 21st as I was told by a different Cingular rep].

So, my quest for a Pocket PC Smartphone has been frustrated at almost every turn. I could just go and buy an unlocked one, I suppose, but I don’t want to drop $650 [that’s way over the allowed expense for the company’s reimbursal allowance for smartphones] a big chunk of which would come out of my pocket.

Each time I’ve called, I’ve gotten a different answer from: “It’s a what? Never heard of it…” to: “Oh – yeah. That’ll be out real soon. Just keep checking back.”. So, I wait. And wait.

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