I Must Be Insane

I must not have been paying attention to the weather. But when I left the house on the motorcycle, the temperature on the bike said “24”. Hmmm… Did I stop and circle the block and go pick up the car? No – like a mad-man, I continued. I rode on and on for about an hour until I finally reached my destination in the mountains of Western Virginia. It was 14 degrees. I think.

It was so cold, that my motorcycle thermometer gave up displaying the temperature. The last one I saw was 15 degrees before it went to “- -“. I guess Honda figured that only idiots would ride in weather that cold so they didn’t allow the thermometer to read that low.

So, now that I’m here, I don’t want to leave – it’s too cold out there. Maybe it will warm up by 3pm enough for me to ride home…

2 thoughts on “I Must Be Insane”

  1. Dude, be careful out there, and patient. Those kinda temps can do weird things to the riding experience. For example, your tires prolly aren’t designed for those temps, so they won’t have nearly the grip you’re accustomed to.


  2. Well, I survived my bone-chilling ride home. Today, I’m driving. It’s supposed to warm up for the next week, but I’m on vacation and won’t be riding to work – and I’ll be spending time with Laura so I won’t need a separate vehicle.

    Yeah – those frigid temperatures aren’t made for me, either. I found that with all my gear, I can comfortably ride at about any temperature in the 30s or higher, but no lower. For short distances, sure, but I am usually on the bike for at least an hour when I commute.

    … and they said the winters were mild…


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