Back To Work

2012-01-08 23:29:23

It seems like I’ve been away for so long, that I got used to being home. I was dreading the fact that I’d have to work a WHOLE WEEK this week. Funny how it only takes a little slip to convince you that what you normally do is way too arduous.

So, i’m back at work after a great Thanksgiving weekend. I actually got some rest, fixed some things on the web site and did some yard work [of course, there’s still more of THAT to be done before the next snow].

The rain has stopped and it’s bright and sunny outside. Of course, that means that it’s just plain COLD outside now. Luckilly, I have a new fleece under-jacket to wear under my leather for extra warmth as well as some glove liners. Now, all I need is warmer boots… and heated hand grips… and a heated seat… that’s all.

But, when the snow comes, and I mean REALLY comes down, I may have to steal Laura’s car. I haven’t yet tried to ride below freezing, although I came close a couple of weeks ago. It was … uncomfortable. Brrr.

And I love every minute of it.

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