Broadband Problem: Solved

We will soon be back up with more bandwidth than ever before. On August 17th, we are scheduled to have our new line installed so we’ll be back up then. But this just isn’t any old broadband connection. Oh no. This is Verizon FiOS [Verizon’s version of FTTP – fiber to the premesis]. What this does for us is provide us with a connection that is about 10 times faster than our old DSL link. Once it’s up, it’s supposed to provide us with 15mbps download speeds and 2mbps upload speeds. What this means for you is that the pictures in my photo gallery will load much much faster – almost as if you’re in my house.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be the first to have this kind of service in our neigborhood, so we’re pretty excited. It will certainly be worth the extra stress it took to track the service down once it’s up and running.

In other news, I’ve upgraded the web server to Fedora Core 4 and the Gallery software to version 2.0 RC1. Go look at the pictures… oh, wait. You can’t. At least, not yet…

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