Homeless WiFi Consultant

2012-01-08 23:29:13

Today, I didn’t have to go into the office, so I worked from the hotel. Work, that is, until check-out time at noon. Then, I had to leave and find another place to work. I didn’t want to go into an office to work, but I though a cafe would be nice. However, all the cafes around cost money for WiFi. The nearest free one was quite a walk away. So, instead of wasting money, I decided to work from the airport as I have a Continental President’s Club membership. This is nice.

I got to the airport club about 1:00pm EST. I’ve been here now for FIVE hours… I feel like I’m having a bad layover or something. At first, it was nice since no one was here and I had work to do. Now that I’ve finished my work, there are too many people around talking and I’ve just been sitting here way too long. Maybe it wasn’t the BEST idea I’ve had lately, but it is certainly the cheapest and did accomplish my goal of finishing up work in a place with free WiFi.

Now, if I could just fly home early…

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