Chicago Again

I thought we were done with winter, but these last few days here in Chicago have proved otherwise. Yes, I know that it’s not REALLY cold for those that live here, but alas: I’m a Southerner and used to the tepid days of Spring moving right on into Summer.

We’ve been walking a lot here to get to see different things: Millennium Park, Lincoln Park, etc. But, mainly walking to burn off those extra calories we take in while indulging in the local cuisine. Pizza, steak, and all kinds of wonderful tastes are conspiring to keep us from losing any weight.

Tonight we ate at Kinzie Chophouse for our anniversary [It’s been two years already, can you believe it?] and had wonderful steaks, creamed spinach, and decadent desserts of lemon cheese cake and flour-less chocolate cake. Tomorrow, we plan to do some more walking and also go see the Blue Man Group.

There’s so much to see and do: I think we’ll have to come back… a few times.

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