On The Road Again (or “One Million Miles and Counting”)

I’m back traveling again – this time in Washington, D.C. again. Even though I don’t like being away from Laura, I’m glad to be traveling now. When I travel for work, it’s so much easier to communicate with customers and co-workers; much easier to get things accomplished. Knowing I’m going to be here for the next couple of weeks [excluding weekends, of course] is a bit of a comfort for me job-wise. I’ll be able to answer questions posed to me in person rather than over an impersonal email or phone call. I hope that my presence will also help to accelerate the timetable a little so that I can work on the fun stuff: server installations! [I know: I should be getting over this and moving into the project management mentality and from there into middle management. I just can’t do that! I love to play with the toys still – and I love to build things, even when the things I build are not built with manual labor but by keystrokes and mouseclicks.]

I don’t really know if I’ve traveled a million miles, but I’m pretty sure I have. I’ve been doing this for about nine years and racked up almost 100,000 travel miles each year, not to mention the free trips I’ve used my miles for and the trans-global travel I did in college to visit my parents in the Middle East. Hmm. It could be closer to two million miles…

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