Windows XP SP2

I have done it. I “service packed” my work laptop. They told me not to, but I did it anyway. I’ve been running it all day and haven’t noticed any loss in functionality, so I guess I’m okay. I even checked the most frequently used ‘business critical’ [hours tracking and expense tracking] applications and they worked all right. The only major “issue” was the inclusion of the new XP firewall on every single one of my existing network connections. Needless to say, since I have a different firewall application on the laptop, I have disabled that functionality on my network connections. I do like the built in pop-up blocker – now I can uninstall my third-party toolbars which did the same thing…

2 thoughts on “Windows XP SP2”

  1. You bad boy, you. Glad they finally started fixing IE a bit. But it’s a bit like polishing a buffalo chip. Still prefer Moz Firefox for my browsing needs, except for those sites that absolutely must have IE.


  2. Which is why I test my site with FireFox when I make any layout changes. IE CSS and “rest of world” CSS aren’t quite the same. We’ll see as time goes on if Microsoft has done enough in this service pack to make much of a difference in XP’s “security”.


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