We have new motorcycle helmets. After waiting a while, our patience has paid off. Not only did we wait until we came to Oregon where we did not have to pay sales tax, but we also do not have to pay shipping like we would have with an on-line order [which was so far the cheapest price we had seen]. The woman at the store also took 20% off the price of the helmets so that it was even cheaper than what a ‘discount’ web price would have been. Now, I have an obnoxiously bright blue HJC AC-11 Zeek helmet and Laura has a light silver Shoei RF-1000 which is their top of the line, super-light helmet. Her helmet is actually a step or two ‘better’ than mine in that it is lighter but still provides the same amount of cranial protection. The HJC is just as safe, but quite a bit heavier [as are all other helmets even when advertising super light composite materials]. Mine was cheaper and I felt that saving a little money would be worth a mild neck fatigue. Laura’s neck, however, is much more sensitive so she rates the lighter helmet. We both made compromises on our helmets, though. She got the lighter one, but got no fancy paint job – just plain silver. Of course, I wanted the radical paint so I would be more visible… especially since it totally clashes with my dad’s bike…

We also got her a new riding jacket with ‘body armor’ padding. It’s bright [seen coming for miles] white and silver mesh for summer riding with a removable vest liner for a little warmth. She’ll be comfortable in all but the coolest Texas riding weather [which, as y’all Texans know, ain’t all that cool…].

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