Taxation Without Representation

It’s that time again: I now have worked long enough [from my employer’s perspective] in Oregon to contribute to their state’s economy. Funny, though. I benefit very little from this arrangement. In fact, although I will now pay taxes in Oregon, I do not have a residence and can therefore not vote. Didn’t we fight some war over this kind of thing with England a couple of hundred years ago? I wonder: how legal is this really?

One thought on “Taxation Without Representation”

  1. Well, I feel your pain, but I think you and Sam Adams may have more in common with respect to your mutual love for beer than your status in oppressive tax regimes. Should foreign nationals (who don’t have suffrage in the US) and convicted felons be exempt from taxation?

    The Stamp Act was reviled because the duties were placed directly by the crown, without involving the colonial legislatures. If George III had been a bit more savvy, he would have left it to the legislatures themselves to raise the money for supporting the troops on the western frontier.


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