Sopping Wet Biker

You know, riding in the rain is not fun. I got my first full-exposure on Tuesday this week. I came back from Austin and all was well and beautiful – until I reached Sealy. The roads got wet there – the rain had just passed through and my legs were starting to get wet from the tire spray. But it wasn’t bad. Then, I got into town and near Katy, the rain started. Rather, I caught up with the rain. Driving in traffic where cars and trucks are kicking up spray while rain falls on top of you and blocks your view as well… well, let’s just say it’s not the most fun time I’ve had.

I thought about stopping but the last thing I wanted to do was wait around until it got dark (which was fast approaching) and then try it again while it still rained. So, I pushed through. Hands numb, legs stiff and wet, feet submerged in water past my ankles inside my boots, I pressed on. Once I got within 1 mile from home, the rain stopped and a rainbow came out. Ironic? Nah. Training experience. I thought I could handle rain and I was right. It just is not an experience I relish or wish to repeat any time soon.

If any of you non-bikers are out there and you see a motorcycle riding in the rain, please be nice. Do not change into his lane in front of him – give him plenty of space! Don’t forget about your rear-wheel water spray! It makes seeing things very hard!

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