Chernobyl By Ninja

My friend Andy sent a link to me that you might find interesting. It it written by a Ukranian girl who regularly rides her Ninja through the “dead-zone” of the Chernobyl disaster. Her father is aparently a nuclear scientist at work near the area so she has special permission to ride through. She took many pictures of the site of the disaster and talks about what happened then and what’s happening now. You may find it interesting, even if the pictures show a somewhat somber schene. To read this, click here.

I don’t know that I’d want to take that ride, but I am practicing on my own dangerous course: the back streets of Houston. No radiation lingering, but polution, stress, and driver stupidity could harm or kill anyone out there on the road. Here I was thinking: “This girl is crazy! I’d never ride somewhere that dangerous…” Yet, what do I do when I take that bike out every day? Maybe she’s not the crazy one…

[Update: 4/29/04 – It looks as if this girl’s site has gone down, so I’ve removed the link for it from this entry. I hope you got to look at it while it was up. – JP]

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