All Geared Up!

Speaking of diving: Laura found a great deal on the dive computer I have been waiting for. It’s a Cochran Gemini that will do multiple Nitrox mixes and allows for decompression diving with different gasses. Not only does that mean I have the computer I thought I’d be buying next year, it means that now Laura has a dive computer! She has my ‘old’ one. Now, my old one is one model down: the Cochran Gemini Plus and has only been used on 30 or so dives, so that means two dive trips. So: we both have Computers, BCs, Regulators… basically, we are all stocked! We even have new boots as the old ones caused raw spots on our feet. These new boots from Poseidon are much thicker – I think they are made of 5mm neoprene… maybe even 7mm. They fit wonderfully and have a firm sole. My old ones didn’t. Laura got new, shorter fins so that she won’t feel like she’s kicking herself.

It may seem like we’ve spent a lot of money, but in fact we got most of these items on clearance for less than half of what they cost retail. That is very handy! Next on my gearing up list is a new BC for me. Laura has a nice back inflation BC which helps her to balance better, while I’m stuck with the one I had from the beginning. It’s not bad, but to prepare for cave diving (which the new computer and high performance regulator are good for) I need a back-inflation, redundant bladder BC that will hold doubles. I’m leaning toward OMS for that. We’ll see what’s available by the time I get ready to purchase.

And speaking of gear: I seem to have misplaced my gloves… Has anyone seen them?

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